Forest and woodlot harvesting

Our specialty team works with you and our professional harvesting operations to carefully plan and manage a tailored process with a range of sale options, in order to maximise your returns.

Sale of logs on an At Wharf Gate (AWG) basis

Rayonier Matariki Forests purchases logs on an AWG basis for logs delivered to the port for export. We have pricing options to suit, eg. monthly pricing, longer term fixed pricing, or an open book approach. This option applies to any volume and grade mix.

Managed log sale service

Rayonier Matariki Forests provides a complete harvesting and marketing service from harvest planning, roading management, harvesting and cartage operations, through to sales and marketing. We also take care of environmental and health and safety compliance. This option applies to any volume and grade mix. 

Standing tree/Forestry Right purchase

Rayonier Matariki Forests purchases cutting rights to the entire tree crop (+/- land) and this is formalised by way of a registered Forestry Right. An agreed sale price prior to harvesting, early cashflow, low operational risk for the forest owner and no exposure to market volatility makes this an efficient and effective option.


Phil Elworthy, National Log Procurement Manager 

After completing a Bachelor of Forestry Engineering from University of Canterbury, Phil started his forestry career with Rayonier in Wanganui where he was responsible for harvest planning and road engineering across the lower North Island.

He went on to work at Carter Holt Harvey,  establishing the Woodmetrics business unit which provided sales advice and stumpage selling services to private forest owners. He took over running Woodmetrics and built the business up over ten years before selling it.

Since 2008 Phil has worked with Rayonier Matariki Forests, initially managing the technical forestry department responsible for R&D, inventory and yield modelling, GIS, and estate harvest scheduling, and now responsible for all third party forest and AWG procurement across NZ, Australia and the US South.

To discuss your harvest options, please contact:
Phil Elworthy, National Log Procurement Manager 09 302 2988.

Steve Harvey, Procurement Manager

Steve’s extensive forestry career began with working for his father, an independent harvesting contractor, in Hawke’s Bay in 1973. He joined NZFP in Kinleith in 1978 as a logger and after eight years, obtained his Rangers Certification and moved into supervisory roles and log purchasing with CHH.

Steve joined Rayonier in 2000 as Production & Purchase Wood and Port Operations Manager. In his current role as Procurement Manager, which he has held for 15 years, Steve is responsible for purchasing standing trees, the sale process and management of harvesting and marketing operations.

To discuss your harvest options, please contact:
Steve Harvey, Procurement Manager, 09 302 2988.